New evidence, Mencho did not kill El Pirata De Culiacan.


Earlier this week YouTube star El Pirata de Culiacan was shot 15 times inside a bar in Jalisco, Mexico, he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Rumors about the individual or individuals directly responsible for his dead spread like wildfire. People did not waste one minute before blaming “El Mencho” the notorious Jalisco New Generation Cartel boss.

Why was Mencho blamed for El Pirata’s dead? Well the answer was clear for many people, El Pirata de Culiacan disrespected and insulted the Cartel boss on video, video that was later uploaded to YouTube, on that YouTube video’s comments people were saying how El Pirata had just signed his dead sentence, I mean you just don’t insult a very powerful Drug Lord and his organization. Let’s not forget that the Jalisco New Generation Cartel took down two Mexican Army Blackhawk helicopters with rocket launchers (RPG) during a violent and deadly clash.

So “El Mencho” killed El Pirata de Culiacan and cased closed right? Many people forgot how El Pirata made many friends but also many enemies in his short life, Pirata made a living by getting drunk and acting a fool on social media which some people thought was funny but others did not like it so much. There were many videos of El Pirata de Culiacan getting in trouble with different individuals who may have wanted revenge.

But who really killed him? There is strong evidence that the day before he was shot dead El Pirata while very intoxicated disrespected a young man whose father was non other than the Jalisco Federal Police superintendent and during the confrontation he told him to leave the state (Jalisco) or there would be serious consequences. Witnesses said that El Pirata de Culiacan threw a beer at the young man before leaving the bar that night.

The next day El Pirata was going to be the host at Menta2 Cantaros a nightclub/bar located in the outskirts of Guadalajara, the capital of the state of Jalisco, according to people in the entourage of El Pirata which got to the nightclub approximately one hour before him they saw the same young man who El Pirata had a heated argument the night before in the passenger side of a vehicle driving slowly by the entrance of Menta2 Cantaros nightclub, a few minutes later the same vehicle drove past the nightclub once more but this time they were closely followed by a black SUV with at least four individuals inside. They called El Pirata to let him know what they just saw, El Pirata never answered his cell phone, minutes later he arrived with the rest of his entourage to the nightclub were he was consequently shot 15 times just a few minutes later after entering the venue.


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