Alfredo Beltran Leyva “El Mochomo” gets life sentence.


Alfredo Beltrán Leyva, “El Mochomo”, was sentenced to life and a fine of more than $ 529 million for his drug trafficking activities.

Beltran Leyva appeared in the 18 th district of the District of Columbia without handcuffs, in a brown prisoner suit, short hair and glasses, and a handful of papers that included a statement he would later read to the case judge.

“I accept responsibility for my offense, which was to work for my brother and sell drugs in Culiacán,” said the El Mochomo, who asked for “forgiveness for his conduct” that brought him to U.S. justice.Screenshot_2017-04-06-00-09-18-1

It was, in the words of the judge of the case, Richard Leon, this is the last day of a “long road full of violence,” both the defense and Beltrán Leyva himself kept their requests for conviction intact: while the prosecution sought life imprisonment, his defense team wanted only 25 years in prison.

Judge Richard J. Leon asserted that he had not seen “a case of this magnitude in this circuit (District of Columbia),” and ended up convinced of the involvement of Beltran Leyva in all the charges he was charged with.

For the judge, all the evidence presented did not lead him to any other alternative than “to follow the (sentence) guidelines” because otherwise it would be a bad sign and “bad judgment”. “There is no doubt of the seriousness of his behavior,” remarked Leon, who compared Beltran Leyva to Joaquin Guzman Loera, “El Chapo,” and other leaders of drug cartels.

Defense lawyer Eduardo Balarezo assured that he will appeal the decision. They have 14 days to do it.

Balarezo tried to reduce the sentence by alleging that Beltrán Leyva pleaded guilty to drug trafficking and worked for his deceased brother, Arturo Beltrán Leyva, the “Jefe de Jefes” , whom he identified as the only leader of the cartel named after his last name.

At all times the defense team denied that his defendant, Alfredo, led such cartel, bribed Mexican officials nor ordered to kill individuals. The judge did not believe any of those excuses and said “he was not convinced” of those statements that only sought to “minimize” the sentence.

The prosecution, for its part, reiterated its position to demand the sentence of life imprisonment, also mentioning that Beltran Leyva “worked hand in hand” in the same territory, something that demonstrates the power of “El Mochomo”.

For the United States government, a life sentence in jail was the only possibility, they do not want to release him because they believe he well return to the “drug trade”, to which he “spent his entire life doing” as his family did.

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